Boston Terrier For Sale in New York

Thousand Hills Canine has Boston Terrier For Sale in New York! We offer a variety of breeds. Let us help you find your new fur friend!

Who We Are

At Thousand Hills Canine, our family has been ethically raising healthy puppies according to the highest industry standards since 2004. We have a passion for raising healthy puppies and sending them to their new loving homes! We raise healthy puppies in accordance with USDA regulations and the highest industry standards.

We breed Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Cavalier King Charles, Havanese, and Poodles. We also raise Cavapoos and Cavachons.

We care about our puppies and their well-being. We take pride in providing you with a healthy and happy puppy. Adding a new pup to your home is just a click away! We have Cavalier Puppies For Sale in Ann Arbor MI, as well surrounding counties. We offer a variety of breeds!  Our dogs are family-friendly dogs and would love to have their new home with you! 

Thousand Hills Canine has Cavapoo puppies for sale in Ann Arbor MI! We offer a variety of breeds. Let us help you find your new fur friend! 

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Our Breeds

Boston Terrier For Sale in new york

Boston Terrier

If you’re looking for an affectionate puppy look no further! Boston Terriers are well known for their affection and ability to play well with others! They enjoy active lifestyles. If you can provide a psychically active lifestyle and lots of affection, the Boston Terrier is a great choice for your home! 

boston terrier puppy

How Our Puppies Are Trained

We do Biosensor stimulation and expose them to different objects and elements to help them transition. They are started on a leash and basic potty training before they leave. We would love to help continue this education as they grow. Don’t hesitate if you have questions about their training to reach out to us. We share a training class with each puppy:

Why Choose Thousand Hills Canine?

We care about our puppies and we provide them with top-notch care! Our puppies get lots of social time with humans and other dogs as well. Our children enjoy playtime by exercising them in our yards! We put our trust in our attending veterinarian Dr. Hilary Christner with LaGrange Vet Clinic.
Boston Terrier For Sale in new york

Getting Your Fur-Friend Home

We offer to ship so that you can get your fur-friend to your home as soon as possible! We partner with a few different trusted transportation companies, as well as air transportation. Puppies are also available for pick up! Contact us today to bring home your new friend!

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