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Kassie my Havanese

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I was fortunate enough to get my Havanese, Kassie from Myron and Thousand Hills Canine. The lovely temperament, good health, and gorgeous looks of Kassie, are true indicators of what a good breeder this company is.

Myron was very patient with me, and my many questions. Kassie had to be flown to where I live, Myron and his expert team made that happen easily. While Kassie was adjusting to her new home, I felt free to contact this breeder about anything concerning her. I knew he would quickly respond.

Myron truly goes above and beyond for his Puppies, and the Dams and Sires. He puts his whole heart into their happiness, and health. The American Kennal Club says on their certificates, “Bred With Heart.” Myron and Thousand Hills Canine is a shining example of that beautiful, meaningful motto.

Annette Marie Talbot

What a great breeder!!


I would really like to thank Myron and his team for their responsiveness and customer service as we got Skye (now Riley), a beautiful Cavapoo from them. We had a personal circumstance that would not allow us to receive Riley when originally anticipated, and Myron was great. He said take the time, you need, and when ready, Riley would be here waiting for us. They were proactive with photos and videos, and arranged FaceTime too. Riley has been everything we wanted and more, and is a great addition to our family. I would highly recommend Myron and Thousand Hills Canine to anyone looking for adorable puppies! Writing this testimonial has been our pleasure.




Me and husband are so happy coming across this Breeder. Myron is very professional and caring of his
Puppies. He’s responsive and helpful with all your questions and concerns. We got our Bichon frise from him and he has all the paper works that comes with our puppy. Now my Bichon turn a year old and he give
Us so much happiness. Thank you Myron for giving us Hubble! We love him so much!

Irish Hanson


Sahara 1

It was so kind of you to send a birthday card for Sahara (we named her Lulu). She has been the biggest joy to our family. We have another Boston named Kona and the two of them are inseparable. They have a dog door going out to our backyard and the two of them spend their day running outside till they get tired then they come in and rest close to us since we both work from home. They both love to cuddle with us on the couch every night. Sahara (Lulu) always has to cuddle with my wife Vikki and Kona has claimed me. We just count our blessings every day that we have these two beautiful girls that brighten our home with their goofiness and sweet love.
It’s so cute to see the pictures of her parents and to see the resemblance of her father (Bennett). She is being loved and cared for and we could not imagine our lives without her.
Thank you again,

Joseph Pass

Sweetest and Smartest Puppy

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I was blessed to have received the most amazing little guy, Dreamer aka Woody. He was 12 weeks old at 3.2 lbs when he finally came to me. I was updated on how he was doing as well as pictures during the process. Woody is a Cavalier King Charles (ruby), and he is the most well adjusted puppy ever! He came bouncing to me when he arrived at my door. Thank you Myron for calling and following up the following day when I got Dreamer/Woody. He is now a little over 7 months, and I am just as in love with him as when he arrived. My vet looks forward to his visit as well as my parents. This is my first Cavalier, and if I add another, I will only be getting them through Myron. thank you!

Michelle Klein

Wonderful Experience

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We have 2 dogs from Thousand Hills. From the beginning to the end Myron was extremely helpful and kind.
Our two dogs just turned 1.
Our dogs have been a wonderful addition to our family. They are both healthy and happy.

Marnie Oakley
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