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Amazing Breeders

IMG 2847

I can’t say enough good about Myron and his beautiful family.
I had been looking for another puppy after unfortunately loosing our Havanese Oscar in September. Our family wavered between a possible shitzu this time or stay with our sweet Havanese breed. I looked for weeks on line and made many phone calls. None of the possibilities felt right. Either they hadn’t been vet checked or had a medical condition that would more than likely correct itself. After Oscar developing seizures which was the reason we had to send him to heaven we didn’t want to roll the dice.
One day a voice said to me, Shipshewana!
I said oh yeah…I forgot there are breeders in Shipshewana… so I googled
and found Thousand Hills Canine.
I truly believe I was divinely guided to Myron and his family. After speaking to Myron and viewing pictures of their Havanese our family agreed on Lexus.❤️🙏
I live in Sylvania OH and the drive was so easy.
Upon pulling in their driveway I commented to myself what a beautiful home and and well kept property.
I was greeted by Myron’s wife and his daughter.
I had asked to see the parents of Lexus and they were so welcoming and genuinely good people. I was taken to the place where the puppies play and socialies and where they take their photographs for the website. This is where the parents to lexus were. Both mom and dad were healthy and beautiful dogs. The whole time Myron’s daughter was holding Lexus. When she put her down for me to greet her and play with her. It was, if we were long lost souls .She came up to me and was kissing me non stop as if she was waiting for me.. Myron was there also answering questions and completing the paper work transaction. After knowing for sure that she was coming home with me.I thanked them for raising such a beautiful puppy. It was very obvious that she had been socialized and played with and loved. All of the descriptions regarding the sale of the puppies is completely accurate. We have renamed her Honey and that’s exactly what she is, the absolute sweetest little soul ever!
She almost immediately caught on to potty.Training and did not give any problems going into the crate for her safety while we’re not home. I have a Golden Retriever that was terribly depressed after losing her good buddy and brother Oscar. Now she has a sister whom she loves very much and they get along beautifully.
Honey is an amazing Havanese!! She is completely healthy, and full of love!
She was accurately vaccinated and dewormed.
My vet suggested. We start the vaccinations over because they said oftentimes. Breeders vaccinations aren’t really valid but I refused.. I only continued with the Vaccinations that were required per the records that Myron gave me.
They did suggest that I do a round of deworming just in case so I did do that saying no harm would come from that and she absolutely did not have any parasites in her feces.
Meaning she was truly dewormed when I purchased her.
I will recommend 1000 Hills Canine over and over, because these are good people that truly care about
puppies and the breeding dogs. They ARE NOT A PUPPY MILL!
Sarah Seals-Swade ❤️

Sarah Seals-Swade

Very professional & great communication during adoption of Jamayca


Have had many dogs in my life but never experienced such a great adoption from a breeder. Paperwork was perfect and so is the pup Georgia (Jamayca)! Would definitely buy another pup from Myron.

April Raycraft

Highly Recommended

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Thank you very much for sending the birthday card for Mac. My husband and son got a kick out of seeing his parents. We renamed him Teddy since it’s suited his personality as that personality emerged. Please feel free to post the following review on your site: Myron and Thousand Hills Canine made my first experience getting a puppy from a breeder easy and understandable. He freely answered questions I had about the breed before I went out to meet the puppy I thought might work well for our family. The facility sits in a beautiful area filled with farms, and from the first minute I laid eyes on our puppy, I could see he’d been played with and loved. Myron gave me plenty of time to make sure I was comfortable with the decision. Our puppy, came to us completely crate trained and with suggestions for a video behavior training program that worked like a charm with easy to understand short videos to illustrate the lessons. I’ve never potty trained a puppy before, and it was easy. I highly recommend Thousand Hills To anyone looking for a puppy who wants a knowledgeable and relatable breeder.


Best Experience

Thousandhills Miles.Baxter4

We had the best experience with Thousand Hills Canine. After losing our long time fur baby, we knew we needed to add to the family. After much research, we decided that we wanted to get another Havanese. Myron, owner of Thousand Hills Canine, promptly returned our inquiry email. He provided us with specific details about the puppy we were interested in, information about his personality and photos. Thousand Hills Canine offers the full VIP option of having your puppy delivered right to your door, but we instead made a trip of it from Vermont to Indiana. We wanted to bond with our new fur baby on the way home. The day we picked up our handsome little man “Baxter,” Myron allowed us time to play together, hold him and make sure there was a bond. He provided us with shot records, vet records and all of the necessary paperwork we would need to establish with our vet in Vermont. He sent us home with a bag of food, a toy, a blanket that smelled like his mother (such a blessing), a harness, leash and guides to potty training and kennel training. Even after we left, Myron was available through phone or text to answer any of our questions. Our Baxter is so beautiful and we could not be more pleased with the entire experience! If you are considering a puppy, definitely put your trust in Thousand Hills Canine. You will not be disappointed!

-Emily Tarrant

Emily Tarrant

Sweetest and Smartest Puppy

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I was blessed to have received the most amazing little guy, Dreamer aka Woody. He was 12 weeks old at 3.2 lbs when he finally came to me. I was updated on how he was doing as well as pictures during the process. Woody is a Cavalier King Charles (ruby), and he is the most well-adjusted puppy ever! He came bouncing to me when he arrived at my door. Thank you Myron for calling and following up the following day when I got Dreamer/Woody. He is now a little over 7 months, and I am just as in love with him as when he arrived. My vet looks forward to his visit as well as my parents. This is my first Cavalier, and if I add another, I will only be getting them through Myron. thank you!

Michelle Klein

Best dog ever!


We have had our baby Chloe for a little over a year now and we could not have asked for a better dog! She has the best personality & loves to play! When we received her she was well taken care of & in perfect health. We have had no health issues with her, she is healthy, happy and so much fun! She is our baby 🙂

Debbie King

Highly Recommend

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Our Remy just had his 1st birthday! He is the smartest, sweetest pup! He has had nothing but excellent vet visits.

Rosa Ritchie

Wonderful Experience for me

I had a wonderful experience getting the puppy of my dreams. He was delivered to my front door and he is perfect. No stress. Everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend this breeder. Thank you. We love our James Georgie

Laurie Millsap

Obsessed with Lola

IMG 1897

Myron and his team are true professionals that know how to breed gorgeous, quality puppies. I got Lola ( formerly Hadlee) from Thousand Hills Canine 2 years ago and I cannot begin to tell you what an incredible dog she is- beautiful, well behaved, and sassy. Everyone that meets Lola LOVES her. She is the most popular dog in my condo complex. I tell everyone who asks me where I got her to go check out Thousand Hills Canine if they are serious about adding a healthy and happy furry family member. I would love to add a 2nd Cav to my family one day (because the more the better) and Myron will no doubt be the person I go to. Thank you so much Myron to you and your team for all your help and all that you do. My life changed with miss Lola! I am so grateful 🙂

Ramina Lilia

So Happy


Me and my husband are so happy to come across this Breeder. Myron is very professional and caring of his
Puppies. He’s responsive and helpful with all your questions and concerns. We got our Bichon Frise from him and he has all the paper works that come with our puppy. Now my Bichon turns a year old and he gives us so much happiness. Thank you Myron for giving us, Hubble! We love him so much!

Irish Hanson

Our Beautiful Baby Girl

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This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure to work with Myron and his team. We just adopted Tate’s biological sister Gabi. Almost a mirror image, this beautiful little girl is perfect. Our vet was amazed at the care she has had, that she is chipped, and had all her shots. She is 18 weeks old and full of life. Our first puppy is 10 months old and came to us in January. We had both of our puppies flown into Florida to their forever homes. Communication and care was exceptional for both puppies and they arrived happy and healthy. Myron made it so easy. If I have questions, I can email, txt or call him and he calls you back. He wants to make sure the fur baby you adopt is a fit and blends into your family. He’s truly professional in every aspect of the breeding process and knows his animals. I worked with Myron because I want to make sure I am not working with a puppy mill. The certifications at Thousand Hills Canine ensure you are working with people who care, their puppies are bred with H.E.A.R.T. from the AKC, have current vaccinations, and their parents are OFA certified. They are USDA-approved. They are also involved with Indiana Council of Animal Welfare. I would recommend anyone to Thousand Hills Canine and Myron and his team. Both times have been an outstanding experience.

Debi Harman

We purchased a havapoo from

IMG 0551

We purchased a havapoo from Myron in January. Our dog has the kindest disposition, and is extremely easy-going and calm despite being a puppy! Myron was extremely responsive, and it is very evident that he cares for these puppies before purchase (he exposes them to children, new sounds, and more). He also checked up on our new puppy after we brought him home! This wasn’t our first family dog, but this experience has definitely been much easier, and strongly recommend Thousand Hills Canine!

Molly McCoy

Kassie My Havanese

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I was fortunate enough to get my Havanese, Kassie from Myron and Thousand Hills Canine. The lovely temperament, good health, and gorgeous looks of Kassie are true indicators of what a good breeder this company is.

Myron was very patient with me, and my many questions. Kassie had to be flown to where I live, Myron and his expert team made that happen easily. While Kassie was adjusting to her new home, I felt free to contact this breeder about anything concerning her. I knew he would quickly respond.

Myron truly goes above and beyond for his Puppies, and the Dams and Sires. He puts his whole heart into their happiness and health. The American Kennel Club says on their certificates, “Bred With Heart.” Myron and Thousand Hills Canine is a shining example of that beautiful, meaningful motto.

Annette Marie Talbot

Sweetest Boy!

Cuddling with Mommy

I was nervous ordering a puppy online and didn’t know the name of the breeder until my puppy was delivered. Myron called me on day 2 to see how he was doing and I knew right away that he was well cared for. My Bodhi (aka) Blue is an exceptional companion. I received him at 14 weeks so he already had been house trained. Everyone he meets, animal or otherwise is his friend! Another couple who met him fell in love instantly and asked me where I got him,. Since then they have brought home their own “baby” Cav.
I’ve had dogs all of my life and thought, after 67 years I was finished. I couldn’t be happier that I made the choice to have another little angel in my life!
He is so sweet, compassionate and attentive. He’s a year old now. I didn’t have to do much training because he just goes along with our flow. He’s traveled across the country with us, stayed in hotels, gone to restaurants and loves his car rides. We live in NJ now on the beach. He’s presently taking his afternoon nap after a long walk on the beach with Mommy and Daddy. He’s a very happy and healthy dog. I couldn’t have imagined a better companion.
Thank you to Myron and family for the best dog ever!


Our Holly

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Holly, our little Boston Terrior has been a part of our family for almost a year now. She is everything Thousand Hills Canine promised. I couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s friendly, affectionate, playful and loving. Our experience with Thousand Hills Canine was wonderful. They were quick to respond to any questions we had and kept in touch with us throughout the process. If I can talk my husband into expanding our family by one more, it will definitely be from Thousand Hills Canine!

Diane Harris

Sweet Havaneese


Our little guy is 4 months old and we got him when he was 10 weeks. How is a very sweet, cuddly, lovable little puppy. He learns quickly and loves to play. We had a great experience with the breeder, Myron and would recommend their facility and puppies to anyone looking for a new family member.

Pamela Evard

Our Puppy purchase Experience

We visited Myron’s Thousand Hills Canine website and found it inviting. We reached out to Myron with questions over several phone calls and he was attentive, knowledgeable and informative. When we visited with him to meet the dogs we were greeted by his family as well. The puppies and adult dogs were well taken care of in a clean and safe surrounding. Myron’s family socialized our new puppy Lexi which shows because from the first day with us she loves to interact with people. Myron provided to us Lexi’s health records, family health history, a warranty, training tips, food, treats, leash, harness and toys. He was very kind and patient. We highly recommend Thousand Hills Canine.

Craig Randall

1 Year Old Today and Awesome

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Finley B (Bolt) is 1 year old today. Happy, healthy, active, mischievous at times 😝 and loves his Bichon half-sister Maggie Mae (Pixie), my sister’s Bichon also from Thousand Hills Canine. They’re best of buddies and partners in crime. He adjusted well to our family which includes a very large Rottweiler – Lucy. Myron was great throughout the process which went very smooth. I highly recommend Thousand Hills Canine for your next pup.

Judy Rasmussen

Wonderful Experience

2 dogs

We have 2 dogs from Thousand Hills. From the beginning to the end Myron was extremely helpful and kind.
Our two dogs just turned 1.
Our dogs have been a wonderful addition to our family. They are both healthy and happy.

Marnie Oakley

Highly recommend

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When I first reached out to Myron to inquire about a cavachon, I had texted him and something that stood out to me from him was that he called me instead of texting me. I felt like that was so much more professional and welcoming on his part. Myron was available to answer all of our questions and sent us pictures and coordinated a FaceTime for us since we weren’t able to visit in person. The entire process was easy and fast. Throughout the entire process, we felt confident that we were dealing with professional breeders and not a puppy mill. Our puppy Cutler who is now “Charlie” is such a perfect addition to our family. Our vet was very impressed and could tell that Charlie was very well taken care of at Myron’s. Thank you Myron for helping me find the perfect dog! He is very loved.

Stephanie and William Hylton

We had such a great

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We had such a great experience with our Cavapoo in the summer of 2021! So, we decided to get another puppy from Myron and his family. This past spring we got a Havapoo puppy. We could not love our dogs more! Myron was very friendly and so helpful. Him and his wife were very patient with us while trying to pick out our second fur baby.

Tifani Boettcher

What a Great Breeder!!!


I would really like to thank Myron and his team for their responsiveness and customer service as we got Skye (now Riley), a beautiful Cavapoo from them. We had a personal circumstance that would not allow us to receive Riley when originally anticipated, and Myron was great. He said take the time, you need, and when ready, Riley would be here waiting for us. They were proactive with photos and videos and arranged FaceTime too. Riley has been everything we wanted and more and is a great addition to our family. I would highly recommend Myron and Thousand Hills Canine to anyone looking for adorable puppies! Writing this testimonial has been our pleasure.


Luca- Our Havanese

IMG 5868

We adopted our beautiful Havanese puppy, Luca, from Thousand Hills Canine in September 2021. Before he was ready to come home, Myron and the team would send videos, pictures, and updates at least once a week. Myron Hochstetler was very open and was promptly responsive to any questions we had, which we greatly appreciated throughout the process. On our day of pick-up, our puppy was ready at the agreed-upon time with the cutest and most thoughtful care package. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and having Luca join our family. Luca is an adorable, intelligent, and thoughtful puppy. We wholeheartedly would recommend individuals to Thousand Hills Canine if they are looking to adopt a new dog.

Franca Scolaro

Best breeder ever


We bought a cavachon puppy in May from Thousand Hills.
She has been the best puppy anyone could ask for.
She was potty trained in a week!
Healthy, happy & so smart.
If you want a quality puppy buy one from here.
We couldn’t love her more.
Her name was Lexus & we call her Lexie.

Sue McMahon

Excellent Professional Breeder

Scout wearing St. Patricks bandanna

Scout is an exceptional puppy Bichon Frise. From the moment I received him, he was very loving. He was happy, clean, squirmy, and healthy! Scout came home and barely needed a moment to acclimate to his new surroundings; he walked fearlessly through the house as if he had always been here. He is playful and intelligent and it was very obvious that he had a lot of interactions with Myron and his family. He has quite the personality. He is motivated to let us know what he wants and doesn’t want! Some may say he is stubborn and willful but to me, it means he has character and won’t be a shrinking violet!
He didn’t seem to want to eat the first day so l called Myron before he had the chance to call me and his solution worked right away. He cares a lot about his puppies and knows them immediately when you call! Scout had perfect bowel movements from the start and they have not changed. His eyes are bright and clear and sparkle like black diamonds! You will not go wrong getting your new puppy from Myron and his family which is as far from a puppy mill as you can get! I highly recommend them!

Andria Kazakos

Highly Recommend!!!

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We could not ask for a better puppy! Not only does Myron and his family truly care about all his dogs and their puppies, he has a very clean and friendly home for them too. We knew we made the right choice because our puppy is loving and playful as well! Everyone who meets him says how cute and playful he is. He is the best dog and we couldn’t thank them enough for everything! Look no further this is the best place to find your best friend.

Lucy leibfritz

So happy with our new puppy!

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We had such a great experience. Myron and his staff were amazing throughout the process, they communicated very well also. Our puppy was delivered to California with no issues, super easy process. Our puppy Gibson is so sweet and was well taken care of.

Larry Chanes

Thank you, Myron

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We picked Piper, up about 3 weeks ago and we are already in love with her.
She is so smart & sweet💕
Piper, has become such a big part of our family . Thank you for all the pictures and emails. We couldn’t have found a better puppy.
She is perfect!!!

Thank you,
Carolyn & Jerry Beasley

Carolyn Beasley

Grateful and Blessed

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Thousand Hills Canine took all the uncertainty out of finding the perfect puppy! We fell in love with Angel (previously Tiara) the moment we saw her profile pic and knew we had to call and inquire! Myron immediately made us feel very comfortable. He took the time to answer all of our many questions without making us feel rushed or silly about our lack of knowledge in the process. Although it was after hours, he sensed our eagerness to move forward, so he made sure to send a video that evening so that we could confirm and make or final decision. We were kept up to date through text, email and video while we awaited her to be of size to safely travel. Once Myron was confident she could leave the farm, air travel and a Nanny service was planned to ensure Angel made it home to us in the safest most convenient way possible. And finally, from the instant we picked her up at the airport we could not be more impressed or pleased! She is absolutely adorable, so smart, and the perfect blend of play and snuggle for the whole family! She came to us, practically potty trained with no whining or apparent separation anxiety; which made it obvious the amount of care and effort that was put into her beginning stages of training prior to her arrival. Angel is the perfect addition to our family and we are so blessed to have her and grateful for Myron and everyone at THC for the best experience imaginable!

Crissy Kiner

Perfect Puppies

Puppies Bailey and Zinnia

This was the best experience. I was nervous about purchasing puppies online, but Myron and Steve were always keeping me in the loop, and very responsive to any calls, texts , or emails, and even called to check on how the puppies were after they were delivered, and to answer any questions we might have. I think the big difference to most breeders’ is they actually care about the puppies. These two little girls are everything we hoped for and more. They are so healthy and happy and it reflects on the excellent care they have received before they came to their forever home. I would never purchase a puppy from any other place. Thank you guys for our new family members.

Kathy Young

We love Adlee!

Adlee 23072022

Adlee is our Havenese dog. She just turned one year old and is a wonderful addition to our family. Many thanks to Myron and Family at Thousand Hills Canine for their careful breeding. I want to get another but we should wait a little while. What a GREAT DOG!


Best Puppy Ever!

Adopting a puppy from Thousand Hills Canine was THE best experience from start to finish!
Myron was so responsive to texts, phone calls, & sending us videos.
When we took our new puppy for his 1st vet visit, she said he was the most well mannered puppy to come to her. I know it is because Myron & his family did such an amazing job caring for him before we brought him home!
We are forever grateful to Myron & his family for this bundle of love❤️❤️❤️
Abbie & Bob Tucker

Abbie Tucker

Communicative, thoughtful breeder..

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We did a lot of research before finding Myron, we wanted a female cavapoo puppy – I reached out and Myron was very responsive. It was nerve-wracking for us as first time dog owners, but he answered all of my annoying questions and sent photos and videos of our puppy (now named Penny) and she is my dream dog. She just turned 1 year old and we are obsessed. We got to meet both of her parents and Myron as well as his daughters when we picked her up. She was also sent home with a toy and a blankie. Thanks for everything Myron!

Alex Bishop

Awesome experience!

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I purchased my little Havanese from Thousand Hills and could not be happier with my choice! My little guy arrived happy and healthy, and was already doing great with his leash and crate. As a first-time dog owner, I was pretty nervous about these things, but he already had them down when I got him at 12 weeks. The person at the pet store even commented that she could tell he came from a good breeder based on how at ease and well-nourished he was. I can’t say enough how thankful I am that my little guy was so well cared for and trained when he was teeny tiny. I will definitely recommend Thousand Hills to anyone looking for a sweet pup! Thanks a million for being so good to my little guy!
-Corrine and Wells

Corrine Bricher

Our First Dog

IMG 20211031 144457811 rotated

We were so pleased with Thousand Hills Canine. Timber is our first dog, and we love him so much. It was a great experience!

Lisa Montania

Thank YOU!

IMG 0716

Thank you Myron and Thousand Hills Canine! We just got our puppy and he is so sweet and loving and has the best personality! Such a happy lil guy when he came to us. Thousand Hills Canine had him on a schedule when he came to us and he is sleeping through the night at 10 weeks, loves his playtime and is happy and healthy. To top it off I was blown away..yesterday got a call from Myron to check in on him and see how he was. It is extremely obvious this family takes love and care of their pups and animals! Thank YOU! We will definitely be recommending you in the future!

Carrie Gilmore

We Adore Our Libby

Libby 12.10.2022

Our precious Libby arrived Friday afternoon via Puppy Transport and our wee bundle of energy is happy, healthy, absolutely beautiful and settling in very well.

Karen Oravis

Thriving Service Dog

Fynlee thousandhillscanine
Hello Myron,
We thought we would share photos of Fynlee whom we picked up in May to bring her home with us and become a service pet. Fynlee is thriving and developing into a wonderful pet and service dog. Not only do we adore her, our older black Labrador adores her as well. Thank you so much for your honesty and your commitment to bring healthy, well bred dogs/puppies for families to love. You were wonderful to work with and you have a wonderful kennel. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Dan and Jillena

Love Forever 🐾

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From the moment, I set eyes on CeCe, two things were apparent – I would love her forever, and she came to me filled with joy, taken care of, socialized, so smart and ready for our journey!

Myron and his family will always be important to me! Myron is so warm, he loves every pup and does such a beautiful job of getting them ready to come to their new homes.

CeCe just got a “first Birthday Card from Myron and the family! I hope we’ll always be part of Thousand Hills Canine!

You just can’t do any better!!

Kerry Bassett

Fantastic New Family Member

It seemed like a very long wait for our newest family member to arrive. We couldn’t be any happier
Adele has brought so much love, laughter, and joy into our home over the last two weeks. She is very smart and has adapted quite well.
Terri and Gregg

Teresa Lee BARKER

The Perfect Pup

20211202 131558 rotated

Myron & Family –

I wanted to thank you again! Greeley, known as Daniel now, is the sweetest dog in the world. He is now 7 months old and has been excellent at training and learning. He loves his toys, pretty much every single one, including the one that you sent us off with when we picked him up (the teddy bear)! He is so smart and lovable and he makes me and everyone around him so happy. He loves life and he has a very happy home!! I am so glad that I found your farm and have recommended you to several people. Thanks again!

Heather Dmitrasz

Olive Paige

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Thank you so much for the Christmas cards over the past 3 yrs.
I purchased Olive (Samantha) in 2021. Her birthday is 6/17/2021. Olive has been such a delight.

Anita Byrum

He’s such a cutie

IMG 9232

I adopted Quigley (the name I gave him) from you via Petspot. His name was Neely, I think. He was born August 17, 2023. I attached a photo of him below. I have to tell you he is the cutest, friendliest dog I’ve ever seen. I love him!! I take him everywhere with me. In fact, everywhere I go, I get stopped numerous times by people wanting to pet him and ask what kind of dog he is. And Quigley goes to everyone and makes everyone smile. He has a special personality. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still mischievous, but that’s what you get for having such a fun personality. If you ever need a recommendation, you can certainly give my name and email. I just want to send you a quick note to tell you that you’ve made me (and Quigley) very happy. And don’t we need more of that in today’s times.

Thank you for doing such a good job at what you do.

Laura Radocy


Sahara 1

It was so kind of you to send a birthday card for Sahara (we named her Lulu). She has been the biggest joy to our family. We have another Boston named Kona and the two of them are inseparable. They have a dog door going out to our backyard and the two of them spend their day running outside till they get tired then they come in and rest close to us since we both work from home. They both love to cuddle with us on the couch every night. Sahara (Lulu) always has to cuddle with my wife Vikki and Kona has claimed me. We just count our blessings every day that we have these two beautiful girls that brighten our home with their goofiness and sweet love.
It’s so cute to see the pictures of her parents and to see the resemblance of her father (Bennett). She is being loved and cared for and we could not imagine our lives without her.
Thank you again,

Joseph Pass

So happy to have Lolli in our lives

IMG 8870

Lolli just turned 1 a few days ago and she is the sweetest, if not the most mischievous little puppy, in the world. She has a big brother, Murphy, a Golden Doodle, who she loves to harass day and night. She is an absolute ball of energy and has the most unique little personality. Thank you Myron and family for sending her into our lives.

Stephen Brearley

Sweetest Cavapoo

Our Cavapoo, Bailey (previously Ainsley) turned 1 last month. She has been the absolute best addition to our family. She is beautiful, sweet, playful, cuddly, and most importantly healthy, Thank you to Myron and his family for raising such wonderful puppies – and the first birthday card from mom and dad was so thoughtful and appreciated!

rachel sales


Myron was great to deal with! He was very accommodating. Marley, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was everything we ever wanted in a dog. He had beautiful markings for a Blenheim. He is very smart and at 5 months was fetching, leash savvy, and potty trained. He came with a blanket, harness & leash, and puppy food not to mention all paperwork! We are very happy with our whole experience! If I purchased another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel it definitely would be from this kennel !

Janice Sisley
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